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Purpose or Use: Increase bilateral manipulation skills and coordination. Utilize visual tracking. Facilitate range of motion of the wrist, elbow, shoulder & trunk.

The TT is a clear tube approximately 6 feet long. There are 6 small loose beads which roll along the inside of the tube, and are captivated at each end by large non-removable end beads.

Materials/Construction: Clear flexible acrylic (drinking water) tubing, and colorful beads.

Instructions: The TangleTube can be configured as a straight tube, a simple coil, a spiral, or other 3 dimensional shapes. One arrangement is coiled into a spherical shape, similar to a ball, in which the user must visually track the beads in different orientations and directions. The user turns, tilts and rotates the TT to maneuver the colorful beads from one end of the clear flexible tube to the other.

The TangleTube may be tangled or twisted into any desired shape. An easy way to begin is by forming a loose knot, or pretzel shape, about 6-8” in diameter near the middle of the tube. Then begin to feed the ends of the tube through spaces formed where two tube surfaces touch. A more intricate shape will produce a more challenging arrangement. One trick is to form a loop in the opposite direction (against the TangleTubes normal resting curve). This will require the user to work the beads in alternate directions to reach the end of the tube.
Suggested grasp methods:
a. A fixed one handed grasp facilitates wrist and arm rotation and mobility.
b. A fixed two handed grasp requires the user to move their wrists, arms and body position to move the beads.
c. A two handed grasp requires the user to continuously reposition both hands.

Colors/Size/Packaging: Clear tubing with colored beads. Approximately 6’ long. Sold individually.

Comments: When tangling the tube please avoid kinks and/or flat spots as this will impede the beads from rolling smoothly. Be creative and let your imagination go. WARNING: This product contains small parts which could present a choking hazard. To insure the safety of the user, adequate supervision is recommended.

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